A wrongful death claim is simply a legal claim. This suggests that it should be filed either by the surviving spouse or direct personal representative of the deceased, who has direct ownership of the decedent’s estate. As the name indicates, this is all about a person dying without leaving a will, which is a must with regards to California Civil Codes Section 766.5. In many instances, this comes up when a loved one passes away without leaving a will and/or having any assets left for family members.

Wrongful Death Claims From Patients in Critical Condition Could Be Paid For With Demerath Law Office Attorneys

If you are a surviving family member of the decedent and you are filing a wrongful death claim, there are quite a few avenues open to you in pursuing your litigation. A good place to start is the local County Clerks Office where the wrongful death occurred. It’s also a good idea to consult the demerath law office as well, although many people try to get through this litigation via the local court system. Many times, personal representatives of the deceased simply opt out of these proceedings and leave everything up to their lawyers.

The easiest way to proceed with a wrongful death case brought forth by the family is via bringing it to the courts. If your state has a “no win no fee” option to protect victims and families from being forced to pay medical and legal expenses out of their own pocket, it might help to exhaust this option. If you have been injured and hospitalized as a result of your loved one’s negligence, it is very important to contact a qualified Omaha attorney as soon as possible. Omaha lawyers are experienced in handling such cases and have developed skills and expertise in how best to build your case and present it to the courts. So, if you’re looking to file a lawsuit, contact an Omaha injury lawyer to discuss your options.

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