For roofers, it is very important to have the proper licenses before starting on a job. Some states do not require licenses for those working as freelancers, but this is not the case in many states where you have to have a licenses roofers card and have to complete a training course. The licenses are often easy to get and just take a short time to apply for, sometimes you can be licensed the same day you apply.

Roof Replacement Indicators

Most of the time your licenses come with a stipulation that you have to work as an employee within a company for a certain amount of time, usually one year. You may also be eligible for additional licenses that allow you to work on jobs for other contractors. In most states it is very easy to obtain all the licenses you need. Most states will not your credit or ask for proof of employment before issuing you a license’s roofers card. If you have any convictions or liens against you, it could affect your ability to get a license.

Some states will ask you to pay a fee upfront when getting a license’s roofers card, however these fees are often waived once you have all of your licenses. Your card is your proof of employment and it gives the contractor permission to perform work in the state. If you plan on operating more than one business, you may want to seriously consider getting multiple licenses so you can be protected from liability in case of an accident or fire on a job. It may also save you money in the long run.

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