Real estate valuers or assessors are those people who inspect and appraise properties for selling, renting or investing in real estate. They are usually hired by real estate agents and banks to help them with their business activities. Valuers determine how much a property is worth in order to calculate its selling price. They are paid according to the value of the real estate property.


Real valuing refers to the process of determining the value of real estate property, taking into consideration the buyer’s credit score, local taxes, any encumbrances, and any other local or federal laws. Real estate valuers also check out if any loan is necessary in order to buy the real estate property. Most often, valuers also have to take into consideration the credit and loan history of buyers. This means that if the buyer has filed bankruptcy or has defaulted in paying his/her loans, the value of the property will be lowered. Real estate valuers also check the area where the real estate property is situated. If the real estate is located in a high-crime area, valuers may need to perform a check on the neighborhood or area to be sure that the buyer won’t face problems. This is done so that the valuer can ensure that the buyer is dealing with someone who is reputable and reliable.

Real valuers also consider the income level of the buyer as well as the credit history of the person. The valuer will then provide an estimate of how much a particular property is worth. Real estate agents usually hire real valuers to perform all the work for them. Real estate agents usually do not deal with the real estate agents. They are simply the middlemen between the buyer and the seller.

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