best bike locks

If you’re looking to secure your bicycle, it pays to invest in the best motorcycle lock you can find. The best bike locks are strong enough to prevent theft, and they can also provide peace of mind. You can choose between multiple locks that lock your bike to the frame or to the front wheel. These options are more secure than a single frame lock, so you should choose one that protects both. Aside from protecting your bike, you’ll also get additional security measures like an alarm, which emits a smell or spark.

The Best Bike Locks You Can Find

The Litelok lock is one of the lightest Gold-rated bike locks. At only 1.12 kg, it can be mounted anywhere, including around the waist. There are three different lengths, and its hardened steel sleeve resists stretching. It also has multiple layers of resistance to picks, so it can withstand many types of attacks. A reputable lock should be durable enough to withstand repeated attacks, and have no damage to your bike’s finish.

Another lock with a good security rating is the Shackle 14 D-lock, by Oxford. It is one of the smallest non-cable locks on the market, and is easily mounted to bottle bosses. It features a 3.5-foot-long chain and a wide shackle. These locks weigh approximately 15 pounds, but are worth every penny. The Shackle 14 D-lock comes with three keys. If you lose one of them, you can always purchase a spare.

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